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Pierre Marie Tardat and the Immobile Journey
For the 2023 season, the Laàs Castle museum is exhibiting and selling the works of artist Pierre-Marie Tardat.
An artist like no other, Pierre-Marie Tardat is a Neo-Aquitaine painter and sculptor living in Cognac. He began his artistic education in 1997 at the École des Beaux-Arts in Tours, in the workshop of artist Monique Jacquet, and graduated in 2001. Since 2018, he has been teaching visual arts, sharing his knowledge and passion with others. He has participated in numerous exhibitions, where he has been able to reveal his talent and unique style. His artistic expressions are diverse; as a painter, sculptor, and graffiti artist, Pierre-Marie Tardat plays with different mediums to offer us works that are surprising and contrasting.
In addition to the works on display, Pierre-Marie Tardat will be present at the gallery from July to August to perform artistic performances. This is a great opportunity for visitors to meet the artist and discuss his work.
“The Immovable Journey”is a phrase that readily comes to mind when one lingers over the works of Pierre-Marie Tardat. It is difficult to say exactly which school or movement Tardat’s art belongs to, as he cleverly draws inspiration from various references. In his style, one can sense a striking influence from street art, as well as from great names in comic book art such as Jean Griaud Moebius or Enki Bilal. One can also sense influences from the surrealist painting of Max Ernst and Salvador Dali. His recurring motifs include landscapes adorned with strange citadels, flying fish, and birds perched on fragile branches. The female figure occupies a particular place in his work, whether in his painting or sculpture. She is sometimes thoughtful, sometimes melancholic, and sometimes with a defiant expression in her gaze. She always seems evanescent, as if she were only the fruit of an apparition in the mist or the reflection of a dream. His entire body of work could be related to the world of dreams and the universe of the unconscious, an invitation to a psychic journey to the lands of dreams, an immobile journey.
Practicals informations:
Pierre-Marie Tardat’s works will be exhibited during the 2023 season and will be accessible to all visitors every day from 1pm to 6pm/1pm to 8pm in vacation of July-August.
The exhibited works are available for purchase and come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist himself.
The exhibition will take place in one of the outbuildings opposite the castle.