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“The first written records referring to the property in Laàs date from 1270. Later, in 1610, the Lord of Laàs, Jean de Laàs, was awarded the title of baron to reward his allegiance to, the future Henry IV,  king of France and Navarre.

The present-day residence dates from the 17th century. From 1633 to 1806, the property belonged to the De Lataulade family from Chalosse. Since then, there have been many different owners. The Count of Lorencez, a general who participated in the French expeditions to Mexico, was one of them.”

The last of them, Louis and Madeleine Serbat, had a profound influence on the property. The Serbat family bought the castle in 1946; Louis very soon came up with the crazy idea to move his collection of decorative arts into the castle and recreate the décors and settings of the Age of Enlightenment.