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The Museum of the Château de Laàs offers various options for a fun and educational outing for recreation centres and welcomes children from 3 years old. You can take a guided tour adapted to the age of the children, participate in one of the 4 workshops or combine one of these activities with the Château des Énigmes‘ track game during a day trip.


The Museum offers visits adapted to the age of the children attending the Recreation Centre. Several visits are available:

“A short visit and off we go” for the very youngest is a 30-minute tour offering a simple and fun approach to the castle and its works of art.

“Myths and Legends” for older children, a 40-minute visit explaining the importance of Greco-Roman mythology and the influence of the different legends in the 18th century.

“Arts and Works” aims to raise awareness among art lovers of 18th century decorative arts. Materials, techniques and leading production centres are showcased during this 45-minute visit.


Create my own fan:
During this 45-minute workshop, the children will make a fan out of paper and wood in the Orangery of the Château de Laàs, and then decorate it. They will discover the subtle details of what used to be much more than an accessory in the 18th century. This workshop is open to children from 3 years.

After learning about Greco-Roman mythology and the different gods, decorate a wheat bran plate following the style of Greek pottery. Open to children from 8 years.

A Story of Feathers:
Introduction to writing with a quill through the fables of La Fontaine. Each child will return home with his or her own scroll. Open to children who know how to write, from 8 years.

Auction at the Museum:

During this one-hour workshop, children step into the shoes of art experts. At the start of the workshop, they choose the work they want to showcase and put up for auction. Once they have their sales pitch, they present their work in small groups so that the other students, potential buyers, are won over by it and start to raise the stakes. Developing a pitch, understanding decorative arts and public speaking are the focus of this workshop. To be completed by the “Arts and Works” visit

Example of a Typical

  • 10.00 am: arrival of the Recreation Centre (coach parking available)
  • 10.30 am-11.30 am: workshop or tour of the castle as you wish!
  • 11.30 am-12.30 pm: first part of the Château des Énigmes track game
  • 12.30 pm-1.30 pm: lunch break (a shaded or sheltered picnic area is reserved for your Recreation Centre)
  • 1.30 pm-3.30 pm 2nd part of the Château des Énigmes game trail
  • 3.45pm: departure


The price depends on the activities chosen and the age of the children: we advise you to call our educational team on +33 (0)5 59 38 91 53 or write to , to choose the workshop or guided tour most adapted to the age of the children in your group.

Download or consult the School and ALSH 2024 brochure

Once you have booked online, you will receive an email containing information about your outing.

A coach parking area.
A shaded (or sheltered) picnic area reserved for your Recreation Centre.
One guide free of charge for every 8 children.